Still works in winter
"Tried it this spring when there was a couple of inches of ice and some snow on top of it. 36 channels!"
- Mike Welge Jr, Illinois

Tons of stations
"Now we can get about 20 stations, before we could only get 3 at the most."
- Brad Lusk

Excellent quality HDTV
"Signal finder works like a champ and I am now getting HDTV over the airwaves with excellent quality."
- Virginia

All-around winner
"Easy install, easy to operate, and perfect function. Those are all win wins for me."
- Myra Gayle Hansen

Works very well
"The antenna works very well and brought in 5 more channels than my crank-up did."
- Craig Taz

Full range of channels
"We had great reception across the full range of both VHF and UHF channels."
- Brad Stricker